How We Do It

We view each client as a true partner and encourage input from everyone at the table—from design team to contractor to owner. When everyone has a voice, conscious collaboration will be apparent with the end result.

So, what can you expect when working with our team?

Well, our approach to design is simple. Each of our projects launch with an initial design meeting so our team can learn your project vision directly from you. We will ask a lot of questions to understand where you’ve been and what you are thinking as far as overall facility design and your overall client experience. Our team will also explore the varying spaces you envision within the site and what your plan is for each of them.

Prioritizing goals, clearly defining responsibilities, and setting expectations is a critical component of this initial phase. Our team will construct a road map for the project—outlining key participants, how often meetings will take place, and milestones you can expect. Budget and schedule will be clarified up front, and both will be reviewed regularly throughout the design process.

Once we have an overall vision, we move into schematic design. We’ll explore concepts, examine opportunities and constraints, and put materials to ideas with sketches, digital diagrams and imagery, all in an effort to appropriately communicate your vision.

Next, we bring it to life.

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